A shelter from the elements,
Land to grow food,
Responsible thought toward help for the unable.

The cost of planting a cabbage seed is the same as it has always been.

In freedom, that is.
In contemporary life, however, the cost is far greater.

We do not live in a world where freedom is free.
Freedom has a cost and god knows it is a great one.

We tell ourselves we are made in the image of God.
This can be true, if we accept, that God is all things,
Not merely one side of the polarity.

The city is a beast born from the blind.

A parasite, which grows without consideration for the host,
Our mother, Earth.

Our Earth, she is so nurturing to produce fruits to sustain our bodies.

We are born from her and as part of her.

Remove the human from the body we are born and how would we live?

This is exactly what that beastly city does do without apology.

Where once before, our feet grew from the dirt below them and our thirsts were quenched from her very veins.

Between our bodies and her bosom an ocean of concrete does impose a whole new world, grown from the gluten of eating ones own fears.

Built by a bloody line of desperation and creating a slavery of the worst kind.
So many are shackled to the cages of bright lights without the sight to see themselves as slaves at all.

Inevitably and indefinitely exhausted by the parasite, which has no remorse for the aggressive theft of their freedoms.

So, a shelter from the elements,
Land to grow food,
Responsible thought toward help for the unable.

This is enough if we are blessed with such freedoms.

For the sake of those who are imprisoned by the beast that does tear them from our mother, entranced by the constant stimulation of the senses, stifled by and bound to the mechanical teat with no hope of sustenance.

We must live life as if it were song.

We must dare to disturb the universe around us by dancing with the changing weather.

Adorn yourself with the symbols of divinity,

Let your whole being tell the story of the land and the love she has for every one of her children.

Do not let them forget, we are all the same.
We are all entitled to the freedom we long for and all it takes to attain is the courage to look into the waters to see ourselves through our tears.




Dear Family, Life is a Paradox

Dear Family,climbing to the cosmos
I am grateful to be here. I am blessed to experience this life.
The human experience is a complex spectrum of emotions and feelings.
I am here as a human. That is what we are taught.
We see each other. The bodies we pretend to be.
All humans are my family and beyond that.
I am a child of my parents, of this island, of this planet, of this system.
I am a child of the stars. I am a child of existence.
The moons are my mothers and the suns are my fathers.
Their sons are my brothers and the tides are my sisters.

Original Photo by Zuzanna Jarmakowska

Original Photo by Zuzanna Jarmakowska

The boundaries of my human body quiver with emotion.
There is a vibration, which permeates my edges and touches the centre of the universe and the centre of my soul.
It is an agonising pleasure to know the feelings.

Air rushes in, to hold my lungs open and as I push it back towards the sky I feel the winds move.

The waters. They course through my veins. Gratefully and steadily pumped through my flesh by the heart, which so pains me.

My flesh, my bones and the rest are the earth and will eventually return to her, grateful for the chance to be in this form, this vehicle which carries this spark, this facet of experience and as it does return, it shall bring with it all it has learnt to be written in the records of being.

This spark is the fire, which drives the engine of my life.
My spirit, this lustrous gem, Manipura.
Look through the window of my soul, and see it burning in the depths.
This is what I see when we meet.

469252_4368417645099_172337565_o At least, I try too but I like the colours in your hair and the way that you hold yourself. I like the trinkets which adorn your ears and hang around your neck, band your fingers and hands. I like the art inked onto your skin, the symbols, the messages and stories they tell.

As words are spells, which transcend their form, carving stories and tracing threads tied to anchors. They mark aspects of a complex depth denoted by buoys bobbing vaguely with the weather on the surface.

So is your form, your external being, something magic.

It is the weather of the cosmos,
Literal explosion of meaning and feeling, which send rippling waves of disturbance through space.

That space, which is the same as that inside of you, that space which, we are.

we are faulted humans

So i write you this letter just to let you know, we are the same.
Faulted humans and flawless infinity and i am grateful for it all.

Yours with love,
All that I am.

all that i am


Humanity: ‘The human race; human beings collectively’

Human: ‘Belonging to the genus Homo: any living or extinct member of the family Hominidae; characterized by superior intelligence, articulate speech, and erect carriage: 


Human Thinking: Cognition; ‘The mental action or process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experience, and the senses.’

By definition, the process of cognition is infinite. The only limit is held with the perceptual perspective of the individual.

Physically, the human brain contains approximately one hundred million nerve cells, or neurons. Each neuron can make contact with hundreds of thousands of neurons at once. These connections are constantly changing and no two brains are alike.


The results of cognition are endless.

[However, in my opinion, our ego based society and culture upholds the pretence of being separated from existence.

This allows for a life to unfold without the need for any kind of grounded understanding of existence, suppressing cognitive potential to bare minimum.

It seems these days human thinking is not fully nurtured or utilized by certain aspects of our society and culture.

We are encouraged by the mainstream media to be consumed by career so as to consume what they kindly offer to provide us with.]


Human Doing: Creation; ‘The action or process of bringing something into existence.’

By definition and logical progression, creation is infinite, only limited by perspective of the conceptive mind.

Physically, the human is incredible. This mental capability, combined with the adaptation to bipedal locomotion that frees the hands for manipulating objects, has allowed humans to make far greater use of tools than any other living species on Earth. Humans are the only extant species known to build fires and cook their food, as well as the only known species to clothe themselves and create and use numerous other technologies and arts.


The potential of creation is limitless.

Human creation is ever present. Everything made by man, is the result of human doing, with or without coherent cognition or conscious consideration aforethought.

[In my opinion, the diversity of the product and the purpose, or lack of, is incredible, to say the least. The infinite potential is apparent through observation.]

The perspective of said product, however, is a matter of opinion.


Human Being: Existence; ‘The fact or state of living or having objective reality.’

By definition, being is infinite.

but, maybe not so useful for clarity…

What is objective reality?

‘Objectivity is a central philosophical concept, which has been variously defined by sources. A proposition is generally considered to be objectively true when its truth conditions are met and are “mind-independent”—that is, not met by the judgment of a conscious entity or subject.’


So, ‘Objective Reality’ exists regardless of a perspective of a conscious entity.

Still maybe not so clear…

 ‘Perspective’ is defined as; ‘A particular attitude toward or way of regarding something’

‘Conscious’ is defined as; ‘Aware of and responding to one’s surroundings; awake’

‘Entity’ is defined as; ‘Existence; being’

So, ‘the perspective of a conscious entity’ refers to ‘an awake beings particular attitude or way of regarding something’

‘Reality’, by definition is objective already: ‘the state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them’

So, by logical reason…

‘Objective Reality’ and ‘Existence’ both refer to ‘the state of things regardless of any conscious entities particular perspective.’

…And ‘Existence’, ‘Entity’ and ‘Being’ all hold the same definition… 

‘Human Being’ refers to ‘the state of a human regardless of any conscious entities perspective.’

Maybe we all could benefit from taking some more time to be.

Contemporary Art and Culture.

So, working with the Association of Contemporary Art and Culture.

Sounds very grand and all, but what exactly does that mean?

A definition of the term “Culture” refers to, ‘The behaviours and beliefs characteristic of a particular social, ethnic or age group’.

A definition of the term “Art” refers to the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination’.

And the definition of “Contemporary” is ‘living or occurring at the same time’.

So, ‘Contemporary Art and Culture’ refers to

‘The creative and imaginative expression or application of current human behaviours and beliefs.”

So, culture is created by the body of people to which is applies.

Meaning, being a human, currently, my personal behaviours and beliefs are a contributory factor to the shaping of contemporary culture.

As are yours.


So, art is creative human expression.

Creativity is defined as, the tendency to generate or recognise ideas.

So, by definition, self-expression is art.

It seems logical to find the definition of an artist as,‘any person who expresses oneself truly.’

so what do you want?

natural support.

just hang in’ with my buds.

Survival within the Animal Kingdom relies on the mercy of natures forces.

Natures preservation lies in the hand of humanities force.

Humanity is having mercy.

Man made societies have developed primarily to ensure survival of our species and thus to allow them to thrive.

However, imposed between all energy exchange is the monopolized monetary system which controls current societies.

Ergo, survival within these systems relies on a constant supply of currency rather than competent grounded reason and energy exchange.

Yet they were founded on reason to start with.

so where was it lost?

As society, like everything else, is a development; an evolution which grew from primal instincts to fight for survival.

With the development of a society which understands the art of survival intrinsically, you’d assume the primal fear instinct would be removed.

However the huge imbalance on our planet leaves Humanity acting like feral animals attempting to imposed their fallacy of dominance.

Once our species decides to sustain itself entirely within its Eco-system, i’m almost certain you’d see the majority of unrest fall away.

how unnatural.

peace on selsley common

questioning morals had me looking to nature as
an attempt to extrapolate some kind of insight.

which faced me with the question;
what is nature and what is unnatural?

the next question was of thought and its existence.
i wouldn’t be able to say that thoughts exist physically.
[however, i do believe Anything Conceivable is Possible.]
the conclusion i came to on nature was;

Everything is unnatural,
until it exists.

which started me thinking about imagination…


apparently. the last post, not this.
this is a footnote to remind that, until clear conclusions are drawn,

keep your faith.
regardless of everything.

i mean… why not? its your faith…
and i’m sure, as i, you could here place a list.
but then think; if you’d decided to discard your faith, that would be that.
faith is refusing to give up.

and i, respectfully, refuse.