A shelter from the elements,
Land to grow food,
Responsible thought toward help for the unable.

The cost of planting a cabbage seed is the same as it has always been.

In freedom, that is.
In contemporary life, however, the cost is far greater.

We do not live in a world where freedom is free.
Freedom has a cost and god knows it is a great one.

We tell ourselves we are made in the image of God.
This can be true, if we accept, that God is all things,
Not merely one side of the polarity.

The city is a beast born from the blind.

A parasite, which grows without consideration for the host,
Our mother, Earth.

Our Earth, she is so nurturing to produce fruits to sustain our bodies.

We are born from her and as part of her.

Remove the human from the body we are born and how would we live?

This is exactly what that beastly city does do without apology.

Where once before, our feet grew from the dirt below them and our thirsts were quenched from her very veins.

Between our bodies and her bosom an ocean of concrete does impose a whole new world, grown from the gluten of eating ones own fears.

Built by a bloody line of desperation and creating a slavery of the worst kind.
So many are shackled to the cages of bright lights without the sight to see themselves as slaves at all.

Inevitably and indefinitely exhausted by the parasite, which has no remorse for the aggressive theft of their freedoms.

So, a shelter from the elements,
Land to grow food,
Responsible thought toward help for the unable.

This is enough if we are blessed with such freedoms.

For the sake of those who are imprisoned by the beast that does tear them from our mother, entranced by the constant stimulation of the senses, stifled by and bound to the mechanical teat with no hope of sustenance.

We must live life as if it were song.

We must dare to disturb the universe around us by dancing with the changing weather.

Adorn yourself with the symbols of divinity,

Let your whole being tell the story of the land and the love she has for every one of her children.

Do not let them forget, we are all the same.
We are all entitled to the freedom we long for and all it takes to attain is the courage to look into the waters to see ourselves through our tears.




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