What do you expect?

Beauty and the Beast

Photo by Zuzanna Jarmakowska

This is what i have learnt recently.
I spent two weeks in the netherlands, in a house with 22 international artists,
I approach all things with an open heart.
Work is in energy (as all) and this is expression –

I’ll write, but what?

Life is free movement,
and never our own.

I’ll allow myself the time to be and space around, within and extending beyond to feel connected.

what do i want?
do i want?
it’s hard to say..

i want to love… i do love… i live love… but love does not mean a direct exchange.

Love is to give.

To give love or to give in to love is a free process of movement.
It is to sow seeds of conception in the cycles.
Energy moves and one must stand with patience, for the harvest will return fruits and new seeds in abundance to share.

If one stands in the field waiting for harvest, it might be easy to lose faith in the process.
but why would you stand in the field and neglect the rest of life?

You would lose the energy which is required to grow.

When one lives in love and out of time, all things endured become laden with beauty and the truth that is love.

One who lives in love and out of time will always stand with the integrity and patience of knowing the cycles of existence…

Not to say, these cycles are perfectly predictable in measurement,
but in natural love and on all scales!

and the space in between all these things create those wonderous stories.


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