The Skelbulumgol Mungle.

The Skelbulumgol Mungle dug a deep down Jungle Bungle under bellow the humble jungle.
Bumbled Beneath the beastly battle, blathered back before the matter,
after titter tatter, laughter littered hither tither.
Sipping drips of sunshine lathered, bitter bits of blasé matters.
Misinterpreted drivel fattens out a little kibble hungry kitten,

dribbling, licking at your finger tips.
Missing mittens, or gloves, at least!

The above bits dripping and the mugs not clean.

That pumpkins fizzing but the ducks got cheese…

The horse radish runs reds. Drums got steeze.
Pump. Pop. Please, Man…
What? Me?

Jam Glops Gleam.
Pans Pop Peas.
Corn. Cops. Keys.
Dawn drops dreams.
Forms, Fox, Feeds.
Morn. Rocks.
Born. Box.


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