I’m Grazing with the Cattle

 It’s been delivered in plain English and heard.

  Still, the ignorant happen not to listen and to dictate it as opinion, or in anyway, just contradicts the spirit.

It’s fallen on deaf ears and I’ve been informed I need to speak their language.

But, to do so without ego seems a heavy task to manage…

But, of course I’m grazing with the cattle!

They taught the importance of chewing through the prattle.

I’m babbling with the water source and soaking through your sandals.

 I’m immersed in the ether with roots planted deep beneath earth’s mantle.

I’m tearing barefoot through the elements, unshod through shoddy province.

That’s pure air infusing Prāṇa seen surging through my ribcage and at this stage all I can urge is, breath be practiced by the novice.

 I’m radiating flames.

I seize that you perceive it and discerned in turn, in you? The same.

I’m cooking if you’re eating.

Some food for thought and flame is offered for you to feed it.

A humble offer; to eat for free.

One would never claim one needs it.


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