Spiritual Evolution – Metaphysics.

Knowledge is gained through ones conscious reflection,

Awareness is attention to the moment at present, whilst

Wisdom transcends linear time. An understanding of

Divine principles, finds love to be tempered with mind.

Faith is trusting that all is possible within creation.

Hope comes from knowing this is so.

Love is the infinite truths vibrations,

Humility will choose truth over ego. Levity is leading from facing facts,

with a smile.

Naïveté is failing to see what is,

(for a while.)

 Stupidity is an inability to grasp; when you’ve felt

the apparent complications of a task overwhelm.

Ignorance, however, is a choice, one has held,

to ignore truths for trivial pursuits.


Discernment is objective perception,

not judgment. If one holds prejudice,

in stead of discernment,  is it

to hypocrisy, which one may succumb. 


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