Istanbul or Constantinople?

Started at the station, waiting for the coach; i was early.

The coach was already late, so i stood their learning

how to ask if this was the coach to get to Turkey.

It arrived and i met the friendly faced french dudes, firstly.

Arrived at Dimitrovgrad station and we waited,

again. Until 01:00 am. The train was now belated.

I tried to get some shut eye during but,

an uncomfortable situation, i was faced with…

We got to a stop and off we popped to transfer our train,

where they packed us in like pickles and the conductor was insane.

Behind his strange behaviour, i guess he was kind hearted…

We had no reservations and he let us share his compartment!

At Kapikule, the Turkish boarder, we had to purchase our visas.

They wouldn’t take my Lira, so i got ripped off by cheeky Polizia!

From here, was an arduous coach journey. Deary me.

Those australians really knew how to talk!

Upon arriving early in Istanbul, alone i ventured for a walk…

Eventually more waiting led to meeting Sophie off a boat;

We walked and talked and then she bought baggy trousers which seemed to float!

We wandered past giant squirrels in the park and found a place to eat,

then got distracted by a pretty street, uphill, and felt inclined to follow our feet. 

Eventually, we found our way to the Grand Bazaar;

A lovely labyrinth of life: Teapots and cups,

Turkish Hospitality, rugs,

stones and clothes and Bağlama!

We found our way, free from the maze,

after haggling for our prizes.

Then found, we’d left a different way

and had to peel back our eyelids…

We got directed towards Aya Sofya,

in the direction of the Blue Mosque.

We searched and sat, looked at our map

and decided we appeared to be lost.

Alexander appeared and inquired from where it was we’d come,

“From England.” we said,

whilst scratching our heads and

asked if he knew where we’d gone wrong…

He pointed across the road to a Mosque

hidden behind trees and smiled politely.

We giggled a little and thanked him,

and came for a cup of tea, as invited.

The wondrous Blue Mosque inspired awe 

and Hagia Sophie was quite the site to see!

We made our way back to the park and

found a shaded spot beneath some trees.

We took our time and parted ways.

I left her at the boat.

I strolled towards the station at 08:00 pm

and waited for my coach.

So, waiting was the central theme,

this thought, unto you i will bestow…

Istanbul to Stara Zagora is 396km by road.

Yet, i didn’t arrive back until 01:00 pm, safety at my home.

(to clarify, that’s averaging 19mph…)


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