As I began to write this, it was Saturday 23rd June 2012. Saturday is the sixth day in the cycle of a week. In the cycle of a day, from the sunrise in the east, the sixth nodal compass point which the sun will pass through, is North West, which means, this time is the twilight of the week and time to reflect on the proceeding cycle.

The week commencing 18th June was our last week as ‘Bridging the Gap’ at Waldorf College. Not only was it the last week of our term and of our year, also it is the last week in which this course will run, as our funding has been withdrawn.

Monday Inspires Sunrise:

Monday was a day for soldering stained glass windows with the wonderful Johannes.   I began the week with three pieces of work to tie together, and began this day by compiling the first.  As the completion of the rest of the work required waiting for certain resources, the best place to spend the time before lunch was working in the glass room!

I spent the rest afternoon in the glorious sunshine armed with a didgeridoo and my good friend, Josias.

Tuesday Motivates Midmorning:

Tuesday was another stained glass day and a chance to tie up loose ends. I almost stay home this day because I had allowed myself to become too comfortable. But once my head kicked in, I realised how ridiculous those thought patterns were.  After leaping and tearing around the morning, I arrived at college late.

Deciding that the ‘quiet study’ area was far too noisy to work, I set myself in the office to work on the last reports I had to write. Finished the first and compiled the last. I then took them home to finish, where I could use the vital resources to finish my very last piece of accredited work.

At this point, I was feeling grand!

Wednesday Perspires Noon:

Wednesday was a day to compile our accredited folders and sign off all our work.

We began the day with the lovely, lively buttercup, Amelia, and her final session on team building, in which we compiled the whole module.

After the session, I compiled my folder and ticked all the relevant boxes; which Josias, Sophie and I decided to celebrate with a Mortons Sandwich. Delicious.

On walking back to college, meeting our respective ‘head’ Caroline Kelly, led to the questioning of whether I did have everything compiled. So I decided to wait for her to return to college to talk it all through. This resulted in an hour-long nap. Glorious. I like to call this patience.

Upon her return, we engaged in conversation, which led to Caroline being convinced to allow me to produce a ‘Values and Viewpoints’ worksheet for my peers and I.

This was a brilliant opportunity and once it was completed, I had the time to finish my stained glass piece.  Which meant I had completed the entire content of the course! For me… that was incredible.

A first in my life!

Thursday Rejuvenates Mid-Afternoon:

Thursday was our official last day of term and the main objective was to clear all of our collective glump out of the college building.

We began with a session with Caroline completing the ‘Values and Viewpoints’ worksheet, which was our very last piece of accreditation as a group.  After this session, we proceeded with the grand clear up! We split into working groups assigned to certain rooms and just smashed the cleaning! BAM!

Feeling rejuvenated, we gathered again for a closing session. A time to reflect, on the year and the course, as a group; this culminated in us writing a declaration of our own experience of the course. Mainly filled with lots of gratitude.

In our lunch break, I ran to the green grocers and filled my pockets to bursting with an abundance of fruits! My favourite.

On returning and expecting the shared lunch, we were presented with a wonderful Gratitude Ceremony. We took it in turns to take the centre of the circle at which the group then proceeded to bombard whoever had stepped in with all and any gratitude, which we felt to be necessary. By the end, everyone was glowing.

As the day, year and course finished and we milled around taking our time to disperse, I had engaged in a conversation with led to the agreement that, on Friday, a small group would partake in a session, which I’d organise that night. I went home and began to plan.

Friday Honours Sunset:

Friday I decided to lie in till ten. Lazy. But once I’d arisen, I finalized the session plan and set off on my way to college. Upon arrival, I found the college empty, except for the wondrously warm hearted Tyla Hadland, who was cleaning all the floors in the building.

I set up my session and waited. No one who had agreed turned up, so I grew bored. I decided to offer my aid to Caroline to utilize the time I seemed to be wasting. This consisted of compiling every ones work into their folders and running Caroline to Stroud College to sort out every ones EMA payments. This felt nourishing.

  I returned home and began to sort through every other aspect of my life which seemed to be cluttering my room, my desk and

my mind. Once I was feeling less cluttered and more comfortable, I dedicated some time to some very good friends of mine; family, really. We kicked a ball around in the park and hunted for bugs to photograph!

Saturday Reflects Twilight:

Saturday morning was early rising. It was spent working through all the clutter and documents and everything I own; tying up to do’s!

From mid-morning to early afternoon, Jon, Sophie and I spent the time wondering around Stroud and the town was buzzing! One man busked, in a very professional manner, with his guitar and his microphone whilst just around the corner a group of Morris Dancers were jingling merrily.

Once we had returned home, I found myself up to date and together. This had me at a loss. So I began to consider the approaching week. This week is my last in the country before I fly to Bulgaria for eleven months, so I’m sure you can imagine, there is plenty needed to be tied up. With this in mind, I began to reflect on this week.

Sunday Integrates Midnight:

Sunday, today, I rose early and focused on awakening fully.

Then, I began to compile this body of writing.

Today’s main item is to visit the brilliant Sandy Ascenso Carreira during the Open Day at the ASHA centre, the organisation that is sending us to Bulgaria.

I will follow this post by preparing a token of appreciation to present to ASHA and by being a part of the cultural diversity of the ASHA Centre Open Day – ALL ARE WELCOME AND ENCOURAGED!


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  1. Heya, I just hopped over to your web page thru StumbleUpon. Not somthing I would usually browse, but I enjoyed your thoughts none the less. Thank you for making something worthy of reading.

  2. Spot on with this write-up, I actually think this web site wants way more consideration. I’ll probably be again to learn way more, thanks for that info.

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