so what do you want?

natural support.

just hang in’ with my buds.

Survival within the Animal Kingdom relies on the mercy of natures forces.

Natures preservation lies in the hand of humanities force.

Humanity is having mercy.

Man made societies have developed primarily to ensure survival of our species and thus to allow them to thrive.

However, imposed between all energy exchange is the monopolized monetary system which controls current societies.

Ergo, survival within these systems relies on a constant supply of currency rather than competent grounded reason and energy exchange.

Yet they were founded on reason to start with.

so where was it lost?

As society, like everything else, is a development; an evolution which grew from primal instincts to fight for survival.

With the development of a society which understands the art of survival intrinsically, you’d assume the primal fear instinct would be removed.

However the huge imbalance on our planet leaves Humanity acting like feral animals attempting to imposed their fallacy of dominance.

Once our species decides to sustain itself entirely within its Eco-system, i’m almost certain you’d see the majority of unrest fall away.


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