whats the story morning glory

working away in the waldorf college

This, see, is my first blog. i plan to keep account of my thoughts here.

now, please feel free to explore and reflect on them; in fact, i implore you do.

something fresh in these airs.
something which blessed the dreamers.
what was it? a catalyst. a spark which flew and landed in our hearts.
start now and we’ll show the fire how to burn.

foundations; what separates man from beast?
our ability to harness fire as a tool.
so ‘harnessing’ nature to ‘aid our survival’.
but does it really?
can we? should we?
the expanse of human creation is incredible, yet ones separates it from oneself.
we, as a species, have the knowledge necessary to survive and thrive!
we are aware of every integral aspect needed to create a “Utopian” society.
but can one exist?

we are nature and vice versa. work with it.

more thoughts; the animal kingdom is dictated by Darwinian law.
which is a struggle. which, with emotion implemented; dictates suffering.
the humanitarian ideal would eradicate suffering and implement freedom.
does order have to contradict freedom?


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